TressTech Wig Wax Spray by TressAllure | Travel Size | 1.9 oz

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What is it? The first 1.9 oz (Travel Size) aerosol dry spray wax created just for wigs. Creates pliable definition, flexible hold and a dimensional finish without weight or stickiness. Who is it for? Anyone who wants to style and finish your wig style just as you would with your own hair. Works on and synthetic or Human hair wigs and extensions What?s So Special About It? Lightweight wax for definition Precision directional spray for an ultra-fine mist Pliable texture for a perfect style every time Flexible hold for dimensional texture without the sticky hair spray feel Lets you create your perfect finish How do I use it? Give your wig a good shake or blow dry your wig to wake it up and add life to it Shake Wig Wax well Spray liberally on dry hair at the roots and throughout the wig and use your fingers to define your style Blow dry for maximum volume results or allow to dry naturally For a smooth hair finish brush Dry Hair using a round or paddle brush FAQ?s Q: How is this different from other spray wax products A: Tress-Tech?s® formula is designed to grip the hair or fiber without feeling gummy or sticky. Q: Does Tress-Tech® Wig Wax hold the hair in place A: Tress-Tech Wig® Wax provides a light hold, but it?s more about styling and adding texture and volume. Q: How often can I use the Wig Wax A: As often as you like. Freshen or change your style with a gentle mist. With Tress-Tech® Wig Wax you?re options are limitless!
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